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This is a list of the various quotes that were well known during the decade. The pages are broken down by the first letter of the movie the quote is from.

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  • From: romy and michelle

  • Heather Mooney:"Toby fuck off!"
    From: romy and michelle's highschool reunion

  • do you ever think of yourself as actually dead, lying in a box with a lid on it?...nor do i really...it's silly to be depressed by it. i mean one thinks of it like being alive in a box, one keeps forgetting to take into account the fact that one is dead...which should make all the difference...shouldn't it? i mean, you'd never know you were in a box, would you? it would be just like being asleep in a box. not that i'd like to sleep in a box mind you, not without any air...you'd wake up dead, for a start, and then where would you be? apart from inside a box. that's the bit i don't like, frankly. that's why i don't think of it...because you'd be helpless, wouldn't you? stuffed in a box like that, i mean you'd be in there forever. even taking into account the fact that you're dead, it isn't a pleasant thought. especially if you're dead, really...ask yourself, if i asked you straight off - i'm going to stuff you in this box now, would you rather be alive or dead? naturally you'd prefer to be alive. life in a box is better than no life at all. i expect. you'd have a chance at least. you could lie there thinking - well, at least i'm not dead! in a minute someone's going to bang on the lid and tell me to come out, "hey you, whatsyername! come out of there!" i wouldn't think about it, if i were you. you'd only get depressed.

    what ever became of the moment when one first knew about death? there must have been one, a moment, in childhood when it first occurred to you that you don't go on forever. it must have been shattering- stamped into one's memory, and yet i can't remember it. it never occurred to me at all. what does one make of that? we must be born with an intuition of mortality. before we know the words for it, before we know that there are words, out we come, bloodied and squalling with all the knowledge that for all the compasses in the world, there's only one direction, and time is its only measure.
    From: rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead

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